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Devetàshka cave near Lovech, Bulgaria

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The small village of Devetaki, Bulgaria, is less than two miles from the Devetàshka cave, though most tourists stay in nearby Lovech. Long ago, these limestone caverns sheltered human populations--fossil evidence indicates that Early Stone Age humans occupied Devetàshka.

Today, the most visible regular occupants are crag martins, a type of swallow, and thousands of bats representing 13 endangered species. Those bats were at the center of a recent court case in Bulgaria after Devetàshka cave was used as a shooting location for the movie ‘The Expendables 2’ (2012). Explosions during filming scared off many of the 33,000 bats living within. Though their numbers were greatly reduced, recent counts show that the bat population is recovering.

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Spiti Valley in the Himalaya Mountains of northern India

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What might be your reward after days of travelling over rough, windswept roads through the trans-Himalayan mountains? If you’re making the journey to Spiti Valley, the payoff is a wonderland of sky-high peaks, a glacier-fed river, and a real sense of being away from it all. It’s truly remote here in ‘The Middle Land,’ the rugged valley between Tibet and India. But it’s not just wilderness: Several ancient Buddhist monasteries, still active today, punctuate the sparse landscape. Key Gompa is an especially enthralling sight, its stacked mud-brick structures with white-washed walls looking like an organic part of the hill it’s built upon.

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Kurra Falls, Plateau State, Nigeria

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The Dead Sea in Israel

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Have you heard of fossilized water? The extremely salty water at the bottom of the Dead Sea is so heavy that it hasn’t moved for millennia. To reach this sea, head to the lowest point of elevation on Earth. Recorded history of the Dead Sea reaches all the way back to the era of King David, and the ‘Sea of Salt’ has strong historical ties to Jewish and Christian cultures. Even Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote about the Dead Sea’s strange properties.

The lake’s high salinity makes it easy to float in the water, which has been a big draw for Dead Sea tourism. And many locals and visitors claim the mineral-rich mud from the salty lake helps relieve symptoms of various ailments like psoriasis, sinus infections, and arthritis.

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Windmill in Oia on the island of Thira (Santorini), Greece

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Santorini natives say that at day's end, their island tips to one side from the weight of all the people who flock to Oia to catch the stunning sunset over the Aegean Sea. There’s plenty to admire besides the natural surroundings, too. The style of architecture in this little cliffside village is noted for being quintessentially Greek. The whitewashed windmill here, nestled on one of the highest points of the village, is the star of countless postcards and tourist snapshots, and stands as an icon for the whole of Santorini. The ancients once called the island Calliste, which translates to ‘most beautiful.’ Who could argue with that?

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Second Beach, near Olympic National Park and La Push, Washington

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La Push Beach is a series of three beaches along the Pacific Coast of Washington State. The wet, wind-swept Second Beach showcases the many contrasts of the region. It’s a classic Northwestern coastal scene backed up against the ancient rainforest to the east that eventually gives way to alpine meadows as the landscape climbs up into the Olympic Mountain range.

Second Beach is on tribal land, home to the Quileute people. Fans of the ‘Twilight’ books and films might recognize this spot, as the small town of La Push and La Push Beach figured into the plot of the series. Jacob, the moody werewolf (is there any other kind?), was a member of the Quileute.

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Faraglioni sea stacks off Capri Island, Italy

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For ten years, a reclusive Roman ruler, Tiberius, oversaw his empire from this rocky enclave after falling in love with its seclusion. Since then, this island off the southwest coast of Italy has captured the hearts of pretty much everyone who’s set their eyes upon it. And while Capri offers plenty of opportunities to hobnob with the yachting set, the island also has a generous helping of scenic wonders to explore. From a glowing blue sea cave, to homes perched on rugged hillsides, to the tops of the limestone sea stacks seen here, the isle of Capri earns its reputation as a natural knock-out.


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View of Matsuzaki, Japan

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We’re visiting the southwest coast of Japan’s Izu Peninsula, where a warm ocean current called the Kuroshio provides an ideal climate for the flora carpeting the hills. Big hydrangea blooms make a colorful foreground for this view of Matsuzaki. In addition to its charming seaside setting, the quiet town boasts hot springs (try these in the mild winters, not the humid summers). Hundreds of the town’s buildings feature an eye-catching style of Japanese architecture: Namako-kabe combines latticework with slate tile, adding weatherproofing and fire resistance to homes and storehouses. Hungry after taking a soak and touring the neighborhood? Try the local sweet specialty—Sakuramochi.

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Doi Chiang Dao mountain in Chiang Dao District, Thailand

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What does Thailand’s far north district of Chiang Dao offer the intrepid traveler? Enormous caves. Ancient temples. Hot springs. Waterfalls in lush rainforests and suspension bridges swaying over steep gorges. There’s also excellent bird watching in the district’s wildlife preserve. And of course, this spiky, spectacular massif: Doi Chiang Dao mountain, one of the highest peaks in its range. Bordering Myanmar to the north, this Thai highlands district has a more temperate climate than lower elevations in the country, and is nicknamed ‘Little Tuscany’ for the many vineyards in the area. (Now, where did we put our passport?)

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The Copper River and the Wrangell Mountains, Alaska

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How awesome is Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve? We could give you the numbers (it’s roughly 13.2 million acres), or tell you it’s the largest national park in the United States. We’ll throw in that one of its namesakes, Mt. St. Elias, is the country’s second-highest peak, and in fact, nine of the 16 highest mountains in the US are right here. And four mountain ranges call it home.

If that’s not quite spacious enough for you, both Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks could fit inside Wrangell–St. Elias. Oh, and if you add Switzerland you’d still have some elbow room. If you don’t like sharing your hinterland with other folks, you’re in luck—this immense wilderness is visited by a scant 79,000 or so visitors annually.

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