Month: June 2018

Fishermen Boats Along Katsina-Ala River, Taraba, Nigeria

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Colorful boats on a lake in Pokhara, Nepal

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Nepal is well-known for its incredible mountain ranges, including the Annapurna massif and the southeast ridge of Earth’s highest mountain, Everest. Spectacular as all of Nepal’s snow-capped peaks are, there’s also plenty of serene beauty to be found in the lakes of Pokhara. One of the city’s nicknames is ‘Fewa Lake City,’ and indeed Fewa (aka ‘Phewa’) is just one of eight major lakes in the area. Between the placid lakes and panoramic mountain views, Pokhara has become a major tourist hub. Brightly colored paddle boats take visitors out onto many of the lakes, where on a clear day you may see the jagged crestline of the mighty Annapurna range reflected in the calm waters.

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Glen Affric in Cannic Highland, Scotland

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We’re gazing across the waters of Loch Affric, one of several lakes in Glen Affric, an ecologically diverse National Nature Reserve in the northwestern Scottish Highlands. With a varied landscape composed of moors and mountains, many of which are covered with centuries-old Caledonian pines, Glen Affric is a popular destination for outdoor adventure. The area draws hikers and mountain bikers, as well as boaters and windsurfers. Anglers love it here, too: Many cast their lines into the loch, hoping to catch one of the abundant trout that swim its waters.


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