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Cenote on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

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The word ‘cenote’ comes from the Mayan word ‘ts'onot,’ meaning ‘well.’ But unlike most wells, cenotes aren’t created by people; rather, they’re sinkholes that lead to underground caves. Ancient Mayans in the Yucatán Peninsula of present-day Mexico knew that openings to these freshwater caves dotted the landscape, sometimes hidden within the forest. Today, swimmers and scuba divers can explore some of the Yucatán’s cenotes.

The entrance pools often appear as small sinkholes or ponds but open into large limestone cave systems below the surface. Though most contain fresh water, some reach deep enough to connect with the Yucatán’s vast aquifer system, where divers might encounter salt water at lower levels. This cenote is located in Dzitnup, a small town roughly 3 miles from the city of Valladolid.



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A view of the Gulf of California from Baja, Mexico

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The Gulf of California’s 700 miles of saltwater separates Mexico’s mainland from the slender leg of the Baja Peninsula. Within this body of water, and on the shores flanking it, is one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. And that may be something of an understatement. The Gulf of California (sometimes known as the Sea of Cortez or the Vermilion Sea) sustains tens of thousands of species, from microscopic invertebrates to colossal migrating blue whales. Massive hauls of shrimp and sardines help keep commercial fisheries in business, and sport fishing supports many coastal communities.

Conservationists also visit the Gulf, and work to alert authorities and the public about the numerous endangered species in the region, and the need to balance commerce with environmental stewardship.



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