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Doi Chiang Dao mountain in Chiang Dao District, Thailand

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What does Thailand’s far north district of Chiang Dao offer the intrepid traveler? Enormous caves. Ancient temples. Hot springs. Waterfalls in lush rainforests and suspension bridges swaying over steep gorges. There’s also excellent bird watching in the district’s wildlife preserve. And of course, this spiky, spectacular massif: Doi Chiang Dao mountain, one of the highest peaks in its range. Bordering Myanmar to the north, this Thai highlands district has a more temperate climate than lower elevations in the country, and is nicknamed ‘Little Tuscany’ for the many vineyards in the area. (Now, where did we put our passport?)

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A tree in a bay of Phuket Province, Thailand

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Phuket is one of Thailand’s smallest provinces (the second-smallest in fact), but what it lacks in size it makes up for in sheer natural beauty and its importance in drawing the global tourist trade. The country’s largest island is here—Phuket Island—plus more than 30 other jade gems floating in the aquamarine Andaman Sea. Backpackers love exploring Phuket Province via rugged jungle trails in protected nature parks and paddling outrigger canoes among the karst islands. Visitors seeking more luxe experiences head toward the high-end resorts flanking impossibly powdery white-sand beaches.

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